Designing an Ephemeral Pop-up Shop Platform

The curbstore iPhone app and web platform debuted at the 2016 TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon. Jade’s team of 3 created an integrated experience allowing users to create an ephemeral pop-up shop from their current location and shop at curbstores nearby.

Jade created the curbstore designs, from sketching wireframes and flows to designing the comps on Sketch for both iPhone and web platforms. She also managed the iPhone and web tech during the final presentation.

About TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2016

TechCrunch Disrupt SF is the leading conference showcasing up-and-coming startups and sharing the latest in innovative technology. Along with the conference, developers and engineers can compete in a 24 hour hacking competition for the chance to win various prizes.

At the September 2016 hackathon, 662 attendees created 144 projects, with 1 minute for each team to pitch to judges. Projects were judged on creativity, cleverness, and “that deep-down sense of ‘Whoaaaaaaa.'”


Popular platforms for selling items require an exhaustive setup process and heavy communication between buyers and sellers. The seller is burdened with logistics details, and the buyer cannot easily discover interesting items nearby.


Captivated by the fleeting nature of pop-up shops, Jade’s team began brainstorming about an ephemeral pop-up shop experience that allows people to easily buy or sell items from wherever they are.

After deciding on the concept, Jade and her two engineers brainstormed on the scope and requirements for a mobile and web product.


With the product scope confirmed, Jade used pen/cil and paper to wireframe an integrated mobile app and web experience. She focused on the seller’s perspective on mobile, and the buyer’s perspective on web. The seller is able to quickly list products with a few steps, while the buyer is able to easily discover new products nearby. After the seller is done selling, he can simply close up shop by tapping a button.

Logo Design

In addition to creating the interface, Jade drafted logo designs.


Jade designed mockups for the mobile app and web platform, and made revisions based on team feedback.

On the mobile app, a seller can name his/her store, add products, add prices, and product photos. Later, the seller can close the shop by tapping the “close your store” button.

On the website, a buyer can see a map of pop-up shops and browse through each shop’s products.

See the Final Designs in Action

Project Link

The project submission link can be found here:


At this time, the curbstore platform is being developed under a different name.