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Book specific pickup time

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Conveniently book times and shop on voice.

The Google Assistant voice shopping experience enables customers to shop using their voice. In 2019, we decided to help customers with another impactful step in the customer journey—reserving a time to get their order—and along the way, speeding up and simplifying the shopping process.

This project aims to create a conversational voice commerce experience that is quick and simple for customers.


Senior Product Designer and Researcher, Voice Experiences.

Within the Emerging Experiences design team, I created end-to-end concepts, established guiding principles, and led a qualitative study. I owned the Google Assistant projects and worked across a cross-functional team that included design, product, design technology, engineering, data science, and content strategy.

  • Role: Senior Product Designer and Researcher
  • Timeline: 7 months
  • Platform: Google Assistant on Smart Speakers, Smart Displays, Android devices, and iOS apps
  • Tools: Keynote, DialogFlow, Adobe XD, Zeplin
  • Team members: 16


1. Help customers reserve a time to get their groceries.

2. Speed up the voice shopping process. 

3. Simplify discovery of next steps on voice.


Results showed an increase in orders and faster shopping.

  • The voice features were launched in 2019 and fully integrated into customer accounts.
  • Customers who shopped on voice showed an increase in orders and total value of merchandise sold, compared to those who shopped on web or mobile device.
  • Voice shoppers were also faster than those using web or mobile devices.

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