A Sponsor’s Favorite

Created at AppHACK Los Angeles, the TeamBuilder App won the Second Place Ark Prize for its innovative use of the sponsor API. I designed the app mock-ups, which evolved into a working prototype with the help of my team of 5.

  • Role: Lead Designer
  • Timeline: 2 days
  • Platform: Android
  • Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  • Team members: 5

About AppHACK Los Angeles

On November 1-3, 2013, AngelHack’s AppHACK Los Angeles hackathon mobilized developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to create functional and well-designed apps in a weekend’s time.


Create a mobile app experience.

Project judging criteria includes:

  • Impact: How impactful will this solution be for its target audience? Is it scalable?
  • Creativity: How original is this solution?
  • Design: How well designed is this solution, from front-end through to UI/UX?
  • Execution: How well executed is this solution from start to finish?

TeamBuilder App Features

  • Discover openings on project teams.
  • Edit public profile with basic details.
  • Keep contact information private.
  • Receive a text only with mutual interest.
  • Ark API facilitates social connections.

Stack and APIs

TeamBuilder utilizes Javascript, Android, and the following APIs: LinkedIn API for social media sign-in, Ark API for instant social connections, and Twilio API for team matchmaking text messages.

About TeamBuilder

Known as the team building a teambuilding app, TeamBuilder offers real-time, dynamic teambuilding for projects. Use our app to quickly and easily join teams, view prospective team and team member profiles, message prospective teams and team members, and more!

TeamBuilder is a conceptual project that has not yet been released to the public, but it may be available in the future. Contact me if you’d like to use the app!